In our combined 183 years as travel professionals, we could retire if we had $1.00 every time we’ve heard, “but I found a deal online!” Friends, yes, online deals are plentiful, however they are rarely what they promise. We’ve put together pro’s and con’s of booking travel online versus utilizing Let’s Travel’s four expert consultants, Harriot, Tom, Holly, Ann & Pat!

Let’s Travel Consultants                                                                             Online Value

183 Years of Expertise: Unexpected Outcomes including:
Unlimited Global Connections & Resources = The best price for your next Vacations False Accommodations/No reservation upon Arrival
24 Hour Service until you return to your home Higher rates – Lack of resources
Doable and Detailed Itineraries through licensed, bonded and experienced tour companies No policing of online inventory – What you see is NOT what you get
We listen to you! Dealing with Strangers or Call Center when something goes wrong
Personal Service is Priceless Unexpected Problems
We are with you from first contact until your return home. Unreliable customer service

Travelers, it may seem difficult to give up that control of “getting the best deal online”. If you’ve ever had an unwanted or unpleasant travel experience booking online, and have witnessed firsthand the results of your choices. Maintain the same habits for your vacations and sadly you will be repeating the same errors over and over again. You are putting faith for your vacation success in a computer and all for sake of your “control” over the choices and what you perceive as “cheaper”.  FYI you don’t get anything cheaper by buying online.

Let’s Travel is masterful at our craft and our skill in global travel is unmatched. (Let’s Travel has been in business by same owners for 41 years with an impeccable record from the Better Business Bureau.) We have the experiences and resources to plan the very best vacation for your travel dollar even down to dinner reservations. Your vacation funds are invested wisely by giving you the benefit of our direct access to vast resources and countless connections worldwide. We are communicators offering personal caring service applied to your individual itinerary. We aren’t cookie cutter travel counselors.

Why not experience the “Breadth of our Diversity” which includes 133 years of global travel counseling, 34 years of theme park experience, and 16 years of student group travel first hand.

Luxury Travel for discerning clients is affordable. We know this is a fact and we prove it daily!

Please choose us for a part of your travel plans and make the right decision for your vacation security in the future.

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With internationals rules constantly changing, it is hard to know exactly what kinds of Caribbean travel documents you need when leaving on vacation. Ever country has specific rules and regulations, so you should check ahead by calling the airport, but in general, you’ll need ID and a passport at the very least to fly into a foreign country or foreign territory.

For most Caribbean countries, you will need a passport to travel from the United States into the country.

passportThe Caribbean is not a country on its own—the region is actually made up for number of small island countries and European territories. Therefore, every time you enter a new country, you will need to present your passport to be stamped. Regardless of if you need a passport by the island’s law or not, you will need a passport to reenter the United States. If you lose your passport or otherwise find yourself without a passport in a foreign country, contact the airlines immediately to find out what to do.

In some Caribbean countries, you will also need to present your airplane ticket showing that you have a ticket to return home or a ticket to fly on to another country. Immigration is a problem, and if you have not figured out when you’re going to leave, some countries will not let you leave the airport at all. Make sure you have a return or forward flight, regardless of where you go.

When traveling, keep your documentation, tickets, and identification in a safe place that is quickly accessible. Remember that your luggage may arrive long after you actually get to the Caribbean, so keep everything on your person instead. It is a good idea to use a small outside pocket to carry this or to have one person from the family in charge of all of the information in order to prevent it from getting lost.

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Beaches in Barbados


The Caribbean holds many great treasures when it comes to island destinations. Barbados is just one of these great places. This single island is its own independent country and is located close to South America, a bit over 250 miles from the coast of Venezuela. It is east of Saint Lucia and north of Trinidad and Tobago. The island itself is only about 165 square miles of low-lying land, but the tropical trade winds, beautiful rainforests, and, of course, lovely sandy beaches make it popular for tourist travel. You too can enjoy a vacation in Barbados.

According to the United Nations, Barbados is the fourth most developed of all the developing countries in the entire world. It may be small, but almost every resident of this island nation enjoys a very high standard of living, and this extends to the tourists who visit the country every year, so you can expect your travel in Barbados to be nothing short of fantastic.

Some of the best things to do while you are in Barbados are centered on the beach. Surfing is very popular because the waters here are perfect for it, with the Soup Bowl, located near the town of Bathsheba, being a popular surfing destination. The western and southern coasts are most popular, and you’re sure to be able to enjoy a number of sunny days lying on the pink sand if you like to sunbathe.

However, if the beach isn’t your thing, you can also enjoy the shopping in the duty-free tourist centers. You can also check out the fun and exciting night life, the wildlife reserves, and the festivals that take part all over the island in July and August. Popular tourist destinations include Farley Hill National Park, Animal Flower Cave, Hackleton’s Cliff, Sharon Moravian Church, Orchid World, Gun Hill Signal Station, Garrison Savannah, and Barbados Historical Museum. Large towns that in Barbados in which you can stay include Bridgetown, Speightstown, Holetown, and Oistins. You can also stay in any one of the small local towns dotting the island while visiting this beautiful country.

According to US NEWS- Travel; The best time to visit Barbados is July to November. Hurricanes, schmurricanes — they rarely hit the island, and you could attend one of the lively festivals if you vacation at that time of year. Temperatures stay between the mid 70s and mid 80s year-round, so there’s really very little reason to travel during the peak season from December to April.

If you would like personal assistance planning your trip to Barbados contact Travel Agent Online today.

Travel Agent Online and Let’s Travel, specializes in custom luxury land, rail or cruise vacations for individuals and unique group travel. Our groups are focused on varied cultural interests and learning experiences to virtually any place in the world escorted by experts.
Our site has more vacations here than there are stars in the sky. 
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Why do people need travel agents? The Internet IS anarchy when it comes to travel and is the true dilemma facing vacation surfers on the Internet today. How do they know what offer is real and what is NOT, who can they trust? Even the large travel engines are only one dimensional with no personal service nor knowledge. In other words, the Internet is like the old fashioned sandwich “auto mat”, provides a sandwich but no human contact! Our personal service, knowledge, experience and impeccable reputation, gained over 43 years as a travel counselors, is their real vacation advantage for those who are discerning travelers who want a “real vacation”!

What problem do we solve for YOU? We are real humans who speak with the client and listen to their wishes and then employ our knowledge and experience to match their budget with the best vacation value, finally booking it through our proven industry resources! We sift out the real travel values from the Internet hype and save money for our clients vacations, savings usually more than what is published online too. Now that’s a real value not a “bait and switch deal”. We are customer oriented, attending to very minute details of their plans to assure the ease of their vacation and are as close as a phone from the beginning of their planning process to their return home. Old fashioned service with “real” savings and for no additional fees. Don’t you wish you could get that kind of service from a lawyer or accountant without a fee?

Urgent Tip…….very time sensitive vacation savings information….If your passports are up to date, call RIGHT NOW and save big on 7-15 day cruises throughout of Europe. You can travel like “royalty” and save…many savings represent more than 50% off rates earlier this year! Luxury has never been more affordable.

Roberts Travel Rules will be vacation rules to live by, travel tips, travel traps and insider information to make you vacation scintillate!
Rule1. Engage an experienced travel consultant and tell them of your vacation wish list.
Rule 2. Communicate with the agent regularly as your wishes may change as well as your budget.
Rule 3. Have a realistic budget and convey that amount to your vacation hunter agent!
Rule 4. Have passport will travel! Before you create your wish list, make sure your passport is up to date and valid for at least 18 months.
Rule 5. Arrange with your employer to have flexible vacation days off.
Rule 6. Always have a cushion on your credit card to pay for your trip. Often times the scintillating opportunities will present themselves and the full payment requirements may be immediate..
Rule 7. Pick a wardrobe for travel for sun and fun destinations, cool climates, a cruise…well, you get the picture. This will allow you to grab your essential and be packed and ready to travel.
Rule 8. Be patient! The right trip will come, we promise!
In the future “Roberts Travel Rules” will give you some top secret information on how to save big or get much more for your dollar; travel pitfalls or traveler faux pas you will want to avoid!
We would also love your comments…tell us your wish lists for a dream vacation!