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Why do people need travel agents? The Internet IS anarchy when it comes to travel and is the true dilemma facing vacation surfers on the Internet today. How do they know what offer is real and what is NOT, who can they trust? Even the large travel engines are only one dimensional with no personal service nor knowledge. In other words, the Internet is like the old fashioned sandwich “auto mat”, provides a sandwich but no human contact! Our personal service, knowledge, experience and impeccable reputation, gained over 43 years as a travel counselors, is their real vacation advantage for those who are discerning travelers who want a “real vacation”!

What problem do we solve for YOU? We are real humans who speak with the client and listen to their wishes and then employ our knowledge and experience to match their budget with the best vacation value, finally booking it through our proven industry resources! We sift out the real travel values from the Internet hype and save money for our clients vacations, savings usually more than what is published online too. Now that’s a real value not a “bait and switch deal”. We are customer oriented, attending to very minute details of their plans to assure the ease of their vacation and are as close as a phone from the beginning of their planning process to their return home. Old fashioned service with “real” savings and for no additional fees. Don’t you wish you could get that kind of service from a lawyer or accountant without a fee?

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Urgent Tip…….very time sensitive vacation savings information….If your passports are up to date, call RIGHT NOW and save big on 7-15 day cruises throughout of Europe. You can travel like “royalty” and save…many savings represent more than 50% off rates earlier this year! Luxury has never been more affordable.

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