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In our combined 183 years as travel professionals, we could retire if we had $1.00 every time we’ve heard, “but I found a deal online!” Friends, yes, online deals are plentiful, however they are rarely what they promise. We’ve put together pro’s and con’s of booking travel online versus utilizing Let’s Travel’s four expert consultants, Harriot, Tom, Holly, Ann & Pat!

Let’s Travel Consultants                                                                             Online Value

183 Years of Expertise: Unexpected Outcomes including:
Unlimited Global Connections & Resources = The best price for your next Vacations False Accommodations/No reservation upon Arrival
24 Hour Service until you return to your home Higher rates – Lack of resources
Doable and Detailed Itineraries through licensed, bonded and experienced tour companies No policing of online inventory – What you see is NOT what you get
We listen to you! Dealing with Strangers or Call Center when something goes wrong
Personal Service is Priceless Unexpected Problems
We are with you from first contact until your return home. Unreliable customer service

Travelers, it may seem difficult to give up that control of “getting the best deal online”. If you’ve ever had an unwanted or unpleasant travel experience booking online, and have witnessed firsthand the results of your choices. Maintain the same habits for your vacations and sadly you will be repeating the same errors over and over again. You are putting faith for your vacation success in a computer and all for sake of your “control” over the choices and what you perceive as “cheaper”.  FYI you don’t get anything cheaper by buying online.

Let’s Travel is masterful at our craft and our skill in global travel is unmatched. (Let’s Travel has been in business by same owners for 41 years with an impeccable record from the Better Business Bureau.) We have the experiences and resources to plan the very best vacation for your travel dollar even down to dinner reservations. Your vacation funds are invested wisely by giving you the benefit of our direct access to vast resources and countless connections worldwide. We are communicators offering personal caring service applied to your individual itinerary. We aren’t cookie cutter travel counselors.

Why not experience the “Breadth of our Diversity” which includes 133 years of global travel counseling, 34 years of theme park experience, and 16 years of student group travel first hand.

Luxury Travel for discerning clients is affordable. We know this is a fact and we prove it daily!

Please choose us for a part of your travel plans and make the right decision for your vacation security in the future.

Let’s Travel    407-425-5387



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Professional travel agents already knew that fact.  Those full service travel agents who have withstood the changes in this highly mercurial travel industry over the past 20 years and have survived ARE your best vacation resource.  We not only know our travel stuff but how to work the waters of uncertainty in business;  consistently delivering quality service and knowledge based travel advice to our loyal clients!  When you are online you are on your own!  Don’t be like “Little Red Riding Hood” alone in the forest filled with proverbial “travel deals”, shadow scams;  marbled with high risk!  Call us and we will take your hand, and keep you safe from the travel fray, even until you return home too…….!  Visit Who We Are and check out our agents credentials. http://travelagentonline.com/Meet-Our-Travel-Agents.html

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Not sleeping during your flight? “The secret to fighting jet lag has been discussed by lots of travel experts,” Smart Traveler site says. “But the best advice is to take a shower and a short nap (no more than two hours) after landing,” the survey taken by ST says.

Some of us were just not built for speed and will never conquer the dreaded jet lag experienced on International flights.

For more helpful information visit Know Before You Go on our website.

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Congratulation, now it looks like there will be “one” behemoth airline that we all feared would happen back 30 years ago. One giant carrier that would wag the industry! Our fears thirty years ago and now are that competition will be sacrificed for the sake of corporate profits. The goal of any company is for corporate profits. Large entities, by overshadowing their competitor with unfair advantages, are stifling sound commerce and competition values. Somewhere between “total deregulation” and these giant mergers is what should happen in the aviation industry. Perhaps a return to the hub and spoke method of delivering a passenger to their final destination by cooperation would have been smarter move, letting each carrier do what they did best. Everyone would have profited and pricing would have been competitive. The Hub and Spoke was a balanced eco system for aviation where all thrive based on price, service and need! Instead, total deregulation allowed very small commuter airlines to bid for routes that they neither could operate nor had aircrafts with the ranges long enough to provide the service! This free for all duped most of them for failure and preyed upon the worst streak of human nature, total greed. Can anyone forget the TV news showing all of these airline representatives lined up grabbing any and all routes cavalierly? This non sense was the beginning of the demise of the best aviation system in the world that had worked successfully for over 50 years.. We can only hope that something sensible will shake out from all of this mania and the passenger will not be left out in the cold!. ……..PS You will never be left out in the cold with us! We have secrets and tricks, from long term experience, for weaving through the maze and confusion of airfares and airlines to save you money for first, business and coach tickets most places in the world, even on around the world fares too! Call us 407 425-5387, local and 1-800-465-2126 out of the area! (We welcome your comments.)

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